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Youth Fellowship Night at the Greiner's!
Food & Drinks Provided.
Everyone is invited!

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Austin Linder's mother just posted an update about their son. We are praising the Lord!!!:

NO CANCER, NO CANCER, NO CANCER!!! God is EVER faithful!!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Austin is STILL in remission! !!!

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There is a special prayer request sent from a family who attends the Humble church in Houston, Texas. His name is Austin Linder. He has been fighting cancer. We are re-posting this at the request that everyone would PLEASE pray for him.

Lisa Linder
4 hrs ·
Austin needs prayer RIGHT NOW! PLEASE spread the word to everyone you know! Share this on your page, share it in your churches, we need major prayer! Austin is getting a bone marrow test tomorrow to check for possible RELAPSE! I don't mind saying, we're scared to death! He's not even finished with his original treatment and the cancer may be back. This means more aggressive chemo (how can you get more aggressive then what he's already had?) And a bone marrow transplant and 6 months to a year in a hospital. PLEASE GOD HAVE MERCY ON US! God said he wouldn't put more on us then we could bear, but if his cancer of back, it's more then we can bear. Please spread the word, I need everyone you know praying. We're on the way to the hospital right now to get a transfusion because his platelets are very low.

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Reminder for everyone: Tomorrow is Potluck Dinner and a 1st Birthday party for Bro. & Sis. Celdon's little girl after service tomorrow. ...

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2016-2017 Meeting Schedule ...

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