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Mt. Carmel Youth Meeting

Date: December 27, 2009 to December 29, 2009

Location: Gospel Kingdom Church

Street: 1400 W 3rd Street

City/Town: Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: (618) 262-8278

******Please check with the local assembly or pastor to confirm dates & times before booking your travel reservations.*******



  1. Dennis Pippin says:

    We will not be streaming or archiving the Youth Meeting in Mt Carmel this year because Bro Peach said he will be working in a different direction this Youth Meeting. Sorry for all those who can’t make it and wanted to watch it on your computer or DVD’s. Bro Peach did say that He would make the DVD available to the Pastors and if they said you can view it that would be all right.

  2. Rachel Wirth says:

    Doug and I have been trying to get in contact with people to come to the meeting for an informal “20 Year Reunion.” 1989 was an important year for Doug when he rededicated his life to the Lord at the Mt. Carmel youth meeting. We have made some lifelong friends that we have met through the years at the Mt. Carmel youth meetings. We thought it would be neat if they showed up as a testimony to how the Lord has used these meetings to have a positive impact on their lives. Hope to see you there!
    Douglas & Rachel Wirth

    • Mark Dedrick says:

      Rachel, it was good to see some of the people from that youth meeting. Many I’ve not seen in years. I remember it so well. It changed my life as well. I don’t have a body church near or I would go. Dawson Springs, Ky is not all that far. We are looking to find a home near there. We are now in Madisonville, Ky. God Bless you all.

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